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We have always been inspired by fabrics, in their beauty, versatility, capability to transform the home atmosphere and make it more beautiful, elegant, warm, communicative, human.

Established in the 70’s, the firm has undergone constant transformation. A technical and creative evolution that has always targeted quality, stylistic research and the spirit of service.

Over the years the Mori style office has become a creative atelier, constantly searching for new styles and materials for home textile furnishings, to be a step ahead of successful trends and offer them with perfect timing to its clientele.

Many collections have come and gone over the years, with immediate success and actual “evergreen classics” that have gone down in sector history.

In addition to its search for beauty and elegance, Mori has used all the tools of textile treatment, finishings in particular, for a more useful and synergic use within the home environment, safeguarding personal health, as provided for by the Oeko-Tex standards.

All this would not be enough if it weren’t made available to the company’s clientele, with whom Mori has always kept dialogue and constructive interpretation open, with an eye to service, as shown by the EU patent registrations for each single print design.

Today Mori is a firm ready for the new market challenges, which are ever more dynamic and demanding. Introduction of the Organicotton line, with its eco and ethic surplus values, is a concrete example, the desire to keep up with not only purely business trends, but also with the binding environmental needs.